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About me


You should always choose a path with your heart, to reach the best possibilities you can and in this way you can always laugh about it. A fighter always chooses to follow a path with his heart. What makes a fighter different from a normal person is the pursuit of choosing a path with his heart. He knows that a path has a heart when he feels a great peace and pleasure walking throughout all its length. A warrior treats the world as an endless mystery and what people do, as an endless craziness.

To be inaccessible does not mean hiding or being secretive. Does not mean that you can not talk to people. A fighter uses his world with economy and delicacy, whether the world means things, or plants, or animals or people, or power. A fighter has deep connections with his world and yet he is inaccessible to the same world. A fighter may be injured but not offended. Fighter's confidence is different from that of ordinary people. Ordinary man seeks certainty in the other's eyes and calls it self-confidence. The fighter seeks perfection in his own eyes and calls it simplicity. Ordinary man is usually connected to his fellowmen, while the fighter is bound only with himself. The fighter's joy comes from the fact that he has accepted his own fate and that he had well predicted all that may come.

Being perfect is the only truly free action and that is why it is the true nature of fighter's spirit. You must develop the feeling that a fighter never needs anything. You have everything you need for the extravagant journey that is life. The true experience is being alive, life is the little detour you are doing now. Life itself is sufficient, self explaining and complete. A warrior understands this and lives accordingly, so you can say, without being arrogant, that the experience off all experiences is being a fighter.

Carlos Castaneda - Teachings of Don Juan

What can I say about myself?

I consider myself a dreamer, a self-taught and I am often called a very patient person. I have a few rules that guide me in life, I will only mention the most important one, namely: "I don't do to anyone what I wouldn't like to be done to me and I expect the same thing in return and I expect the same respect that I show."
But enough with this discussion about the principles of my life, if you really want to know me, you can simply do it by watching my way of being and behaving. Search about my on google is the first step.

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