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My services

  • Hardware IT Services

    Hardware Services

    - diagnostic systems (here include desktop computers, laptop, netbook, graphics tablet, PDA, GPS, printers, scanners, UPC, etc.);
    - troubleshooting computer systems (troubleshooting usually requires the replacement of defective component, and this in turn implies phone calls, discussions with the importer, orders, assembling, checking, etc. What I can do? I save you the stress and giving you the guarantee of an experience of over 7 years in the field, and working directly with companies known in the field);
    - upgrade computer systems (for desktop and laptop computers);
    - advice (even if you do not know what is your system, I can provide a free consultation online or by phone to understand where is the problem, or you just want to know what system would be best for you and you want a recommendation from a specialist in the field);
    - sales of equipment (through firms that we work with, we can offer a good price-quality equipment);

  • Software IT Services

    Software Services

    - Windows diagnostics
    - Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows
    - scann for virus, installation, configuration, verification, backup
    - data recovery (recovery in case of accidental deletion or from a virus)
    - administration and maintenance of computer network (both remote and on the client)
    - Security checks
    - advice (maybe you just want to know why your application is running slow or not the way it should, or you may want to know which application is more useful within your company, or just want to know how much it would cost you to have all the legal software in your company, etc.)
    - Sales of licensed software (from authorized partners)
    - Creating on request the applications suitable for the profile of your company

  • Networking IT Services

    Networking Services

    - cabling networks type CAT 5, UTP or FTP, and wiring for telephone (Panasonic)
    - diagnostic network (on request we can make certificates of quality and certification)
    - check security configurations type LAN, Wireless, VPN, access point
    - management networks and telephony
    - Consultancy (you may only want to know what type of network is recommended within your company or what type of equipment you need, or you just want to know why the transfer in your network is running slow and with frequent interruptions)
    - sales of equipment (servers, network equipment, rack, cables, plugs, etc.) (from authorized partners)

  • WEB/SEO/Development Services

    Web Services

    - Creating web pages (pages of presentation, portals, virtual stores, games browser based, etc.).- Updates, maintenance, site management (update the code to improve or change the design, maintenance or content management application to a site, including the creation of email addresses for company employees, backup, optimization, etc.).
    - SEO optimization, optimization in terms of page loading, loading time, etc.
    - Web-site diagnostic, site security check (maybe you want to know the security gaps of your site, or you may want to know what problems your site is presenting)
    - Creating web design, logo, banners, etc.
    - Consultancy (may you only have a code that is not working, or you want to know what you need to purchase a domain or a hosting, or you may want to create your own server within your company, I can give you the information you need in order to make the best decisions within your company.)
    - Creating intranet applications for specific needs and profile of your company
    - Sales of licensed software (from authorized partners).

  • Online Marketing Services

    Online Marketing Services

    - Analyze the web-shop and your company's products
    - recommendations for increasing sales
    - online marketing campaigns
    - Site optimization (seo / serp / ergonomics / speed / bounce rates / etc.)
    - monitoring and linking campaigns on search engines and social networks to increase sales.
    - recommendations for increasing the impact and service quality for your branded company

  • IT&C Consulting

    IT Consultant Services

    - For any problems or questions feel free to contact me and I will try to give you the most relevant information so that you can make decisions being fully aware of both of the staff of your company, and of the purchase of equipment, software or hardware needed. Check contact page for further information.

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